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How Solar Works

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Solar panels turn sunlight into usable energy for your home. It takes you off the grid and puts independent energy in your hands. Renewable energy is the new future for your household.

Panel Options

Q Cell

One of the most durable panels on the market, the low-maintenance Q Cell solar panels are covered by a 12 years product warranty and a 25 year performance guarantee.


Solaria’s solar panels achieve over 20% efficiency. Solaria is a high power generation panel with a 25 year Power, Parts, and Labor Warranty.


LG has over 60 years of experience and have earned their reputation as a leader in electronics for their reliability and efficiency.

Solar Benefits

A Perk in Every Panel

Lower Bills

save money

Your wallet will thank you. The cost of energy is significantly reduced thanks to the power of solar. Solar energy costs are nearly 1/3rd the cost of grid energy in California. On average, Californian households pay nearly 20 cents per kilowatt hour without solar, and 6 cents per kilowatt hour with solar.


Hedge against inflation

Solar panels give you the freedom to control your electricity bill. You’ll have a consistent monthly payment and your overall electricity bill will lessen the more you use your solar power. It often takes between 5-10 years for solar to pay for itself! That leaves you with another 15-20 years of independent energy with solar panels.

Home Value

It’s Worth Your While

Solar energy is a long term investment with immediate results. You’ll quickly see the money saved spending in solar. It will not only save you money from monthly bills, but also it may increase the value of your home by up to 20 thousand dollars, depending on the buyer.


Clean Energy For Your Home

Solar power is a renewable energy that is generated continuously. It doesn’t run out because as long as the Earth is revolving around the sun, we can turn the sunlight into energy.

Cheaper Cleaner Power

Affordable Solar Your Way​

Customized Solar Panels

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